Garage Cleanout - NA, NB, NC - $5-$25

about 2 months ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Wait, I don't have a garage ... which is why The Boss is insisting I dump this stuff for cheap!
Pricing is as-is, no guarantees, and assumes you're willing to use PayPal's friends and family option (or you cover the minimal fee on your end).
Prices are local pickup (Charlotte NC) or shipped at your expense - other than the NC seat foam, USPS should be pretty inexpensive.
$5 items
- Any of the NA badges
- NA/NB plastic ebrake handle and button (no spring)
- NC1 seat foam from a 2008 - this will NOT fit a 2006/07 - even though the cloth pattern was the same across all three years, the seat base is different in a 2008 so the foam is a different shape (ask me how I know )
- 1999 owners manual and 6-speed transmission supplement
- NC chrome gas lid - *as-is, tab on underside of lid is broken* - might be able to affix your painted lid's tab in its place, I'm not sure
$15 items
- Locking lugnuts - 16, so not NC - not sure of brand but they look the same as these $30 Dorman Lock Nuts at Autozone.
- NC1 Grille Insert, Driver's Side, part # NE51-50-A12 - not interchangeable with the passenger side (which is A11 - again, ask me how I know )
- NC antenna, missing cosmetic sheath that covers nut - never used this so cannot guarantee it works, I only bought it for the sheath (junkyard wouldn't sell the sheath alone)
$25 items
- Chrome marker trim
- Chrome gas lid
I *think* both of these were for NA, but I cannot guarantee that. Both were included in a package deal, but they're not my style so I've never installed them.
- NA door tweeters - also included in a package deal with a set of Clearwater speakers I bought off Craigslist. Never used so I can't guarantee they work, but the seller indicated they did, and his Clearwaters were perfect. One tweeter cover is pressed in very slightly, but not to the point you'd notice once installed.