NUDE Nardi Knobs!!! Teardrops, Shrooms and Ebrake Handles Ready to Refinish

4 months ago
NUDE Nardi Knobs!!! Teardrops, Shrooms and Ebrake Handles Ready to Refinish
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Well, yeah, after a lot of careful sanding by hand. Plus I just like the alliteration of that headline - I'm a writer in my day job.
Watchers of my long-running Nardi Teardrop thread will recall this hand-crafted Ebony Teardrop that I created to go in an m.netter's ND. Here's how that knob looked in my BRG before I sold it to him.
And here's the selection of Teardrops I have ready to custom-stain for your Miata, along with one mushroom-shaped NA Nardi variant and several ebrake handles, all waiting for your stain of choice.
Finishing will include 6-8 coats of stain - enough to thoroughly sink in but not enough to overwhelm the woodgrain, even if you choose a dark color like Ebony. Finishing does NOT include clearcoat. After doing several of these, I've learned that leaving it uncoated looks better and feels much better too - it's a warmer, more natural feel than the factory gloss finish.
The knobs will fit all four Miata generations. The handles are specific to the NA and NB (though I think I've read somewhere on that the wood can be carefully redrilled for later cars). Pick out any stain color that you'll find at your nearest hardware store - here's a link to some options if you'd rather look online - and let me know your choice.
Priced at $249 for the Teardrop alone, $299 with ebrake handle, and $329 for the full ebrake lever (only one of those available). Or just $129 for the mushroom-shaped Nardi.
Given the amount of work these entail, I ask for 50% deposit upfront and two weeks to get it finished. Price includes the cost of the stain if a shade found at Lowe's, Home Depot or Ace - I'll pick it up once deposit is received.
"Unique" is an overused term these days, but this is indeed as unique as it gets. The Nardi Teardrops were rare enough to begin with, and adding a custom finish will give you a knob you'll surely never run across in another Miata.