TC Furlong Spit / Sarno Tonic Combo Amp

2 months ago
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Steel Guitar Forum

My lightly used TC Furlong /Tonic combo amp is for sale.
Brad Sarno describes the Tonic as "essentially a compact, portable, mono version of the Revelation Tube Preamp with the added feature of an optional internal digital reverb module" and the EQ is " based around a variety of my favorite vintage Fender and other amps."
Includes a really unique and good looking cabinet,
D2F cover,
TC Furlong 500W Digital Power Amp,
15" New Black Window Speaker,
Sarno Tonic preamp with reverb,
Aux power strip mounted in the cabinet,
and original shipping box.
Discussions detailing the amp are easily searched on the forum, but the following are particular to the introduction of the combo and include specs and pictures:
Tonic Preamp introduction thread
Furlong Split / Tonic Combo introduction thread
Split & Tonic Combo discussion
Amp is $1350, shipping cost and preference is buyers responsibility. PayPal fees are 3%
I prefer to be reached via the forum email feature.