C6th chord melody-Lesson one

3 months ago
Ron Hogan
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Swingin the Standard
C6th chord melody
Lesson one
By Ron Hogan
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Sample: http://picosong.com/w4et5/
Take standard tunes like Release me and Crazy arms and swing it on C6th vs. E9th. This gives it a whole different feel. It allows the student to learn chord melody on C6th, using a very basic setup.
C6th tuning-D on top
RL knee-Lowers C half tone or which ever knee levers lowers it on your guitar.
Stock pedals 5 & 6
These lessons are the same as a student would take one on one with me in Nashville. They teach the patterns that can be used over many songs.
We have included the:
Noted tablature
Actual samples of the chord melodies played over a rhythm track.
A rhythm track to play by.
Three adlib tracks that give a sample of what you could do with the knowledge (no tablature included as these are samples).