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Vintage Accutronics spring reverb tank fro... In good working order. Has "064063" and "50 77 263" stamped in ink. Includes the vinyl bag and two cords with RCA jacks. Item shown in photos is item up for bid. $65 plus $11 shipping. Thanks for looking. _________________Emmons D10 SKH, Emmons D10 PP, Emmons ST10 PP Quilter Stee...
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Arlington MCI RangeExpander Just testing the waters to see if there's any interest in an excellent condition black Arlington MCI RangeExpander. George L pickups! Gotta thin the herd, & this one begs to be played. $2900 shipped & insured if anyone's serious. Thx, Pat _________________Emmons D10 SKH Emmons D10 PP ...
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Danny Gatton Blond Signature Custom Shop Tele Like new and barely played. Same model as the one he was playing on the FUNHOUSE album. GREAT GUITAR! My guitar is in climate controlled storage, but I will try to get actual pix later in the week. Comes with with original tweed case. $3400 plus S & I. They don't make these anymore! Thx, Pat ...
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Pickups, pedals & effects Hey ya'll, Cleaning house of things I don't use anymore. Pickups are widemount. 2 Barcus Berry pickups. $45 each, $7 shipping. Boss DD3 delay. Great condition. $75 & $10 shipping Holy Grail Reverb $75 & $15 shipped Ernie Ball volume pedal $50 & $20 shipping ...
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Virtually new 2008 Eastman Acoustic Nice playing and sounding acoustic guitar. Model AC520 non-electric. I bought it new in 2008, and have hardly played it, as I was traveling most of the time after I bought it and was stored in my climate controlled storage for all of this time. Always in a non-smoking evironment. I can't do t...
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Fender Roland synth ready Strat $650 Fender Roland ready Strat. Has the factory hook ups and switches. Like new, excellent condition. Beautiful 3 color sunburst finish with pearloid pickguard. Hardly played at all. Never got the Roland synth box. Includes Fender gigbag. Tweed case NOT included. Thx! Split shipping, Ins., etc. ...
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Danny Gatton Tele LIke new, this hard to find Gatton tele plays, looks, and sounds great! Barden pickups,a beautiful birdseye maple neck, and zirconia fret markers. New, these were $4295, and this one is the few rare original finish. I bought this quite a few years ago, and it's been in climate controlled sto...
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Ernie Ball volume pedal $75 I have this nice Ernie Ball VP to let go. Works fine, and has a tuner out jack. $75 plus shipping. Sorry about the upside down pix Thx, Pat _________________Emmons PP D10 MCI D10 Fender Telecaster Quilter Steelaire Peavey Session 400 Dodd Princeton Amp
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Roland UA100G Sound Canvas Record into your computer with this versatile unit. I bought it awhile back, & never used it. It's brand new in the box! $80 + S&I Thx, Pat Sorry 'bout the cockeyed pix! _________________Emmons PP D10 MCI D10 Fender Telecaster Quilter Steelaire Peavey Session 400 Dodd ...
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1965 Fender Jazzmaster Well, it's time to see if there's any interest in this wonderful guitar. I don't want to sell it, however, we all know how it goes. This was a one owner guitar whom I bought it from a few years ago. It has been in climate controlled storage since then. It's in great condition as you can se...
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Jch D10 I've been told not to sell this one and was gonna keep it forever, but....circumstances dictate. This is a nice guitar, plays great, stays in tune, and sounds fine. Whoever gets this one will know what it is. Less than 200 made by Jimmy Crawford. 8&5. Pictures show 8&4, but a LVKL has been ad...
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GFI S10 Expo 2016 I got this steel in a deal with the original owner. It was bought new by him 8 mo. ago in Sept. 2016, and was hardly played. It's a sweet little steel that plays and sounds great. I just can't keep it. Great deal on a fine travel guitar. It's extremely light and comes with the original excellent ...
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D10 red EMCI I have this welded frame red Arlington EMCI for sale. It plays and sounds fine. If you know about these collectable guitars, you know what this one is. George L E66 on E9 and George L 10-1 on C6. The previous owner had removed the front decal. I did have it verified as an EMCI. Emmons 8 & 4 st...
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Speaker Cabinet 15" Decent speaker cabinet. Bought it here, then didn't need it. Only issue is 4 mounting holes work. Others need new threaded inserts if you want all 8. Some cabs I have only use 4. $100 shipped. Speaker shown not included. Cabinet only. Thx, Pat _________________Emmons PP D10 MCI D10 ...
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Older Zum rods & 1 bellcrank I have 4 "t" style threaded Zum rods, 1 tuning nut, & 1 bellcrank with allen lock screw that they work on. 3 of them are 20 1/2" long, & 1 is 11 1/2" long. I'll take $60 shipped for all 6 pieces in the USA. International will be more, depending on actual shipping cost. This is about half of wh...
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Rare Honey Blond Danny Gatton Tele Hi ya'll, This guitar is outstanding! Not a lot of this model around either. It has barely been played, and is like new. Same model Danny's holding on his Funhouse album. I hate to part with it, but as Danny once said, "if you're not gonna play it, you need to hang it on the wall, and make a...
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Effects Pedals I have the following effects pedals for sale. All in working condition. All prices include shipping, however no adapters except the Holy Grail reverb, which has a male 9v plug included. All the rest use a standard 9v female adapter. Thx, Pat Holy Grail reverb-$90 Korg WT12 chrom...
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77 Emmons D10 PP A buddy of mine and I went in and bought this beautiful rosewood mica Emmons PP guitar here on the forum not too long ago. When it arrived, it had 8 and 4, with the inside KL's having a Sho-Bud setup. We had the knee levers put back to Emmons, added a VKL, new fretboards, pedal bar buffed, and...
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Emmons PP 8x5 $3250 to your door Hi Ya'll, Here's a 1978 black Emmons Push-Pull up for your consideration that I'm helping to sell for a friend. This guitar is not a closet queen, but if you're a player more into tone and playability, then this is the one you will want to take a second look at. It plays great, looks good, ...
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Eminence Quilter 15" NEO SPEAKER Just got a new Quilter combo. Played it with this original Quilter designed Eminence speaker. Sounds great, but I have my other preference one I'm gonna use. Just a couple of low volume hours in my living room on it. Great speaker & deal. $150 plus actual shipping. Ppal add 3% Thx, Pat ...
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2 Accutronics reverb tanks I have 2 Accutronics reverb tanks to let go. The first is model # 4AB3C1B This is a shorter dwell. The second is model # 4fb2a2c This came from a Hammond organ.It's a 2 spring unit. $23 each shipped, or both shipped for $35 Both work fine, and are in great condition. Sorry about the...
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Danelectro/Silvertone U-1 Dolphin nose Hi Ya'll, This highly sought after original model Silvertone guitar is in great shape for it's age, plays and sounds great. Gotta thin the herd, and let this one go. My loss is your gain. This guitar will only accrue in years to come. Included is a period correct case in great shape. A c...
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1974 ShoBud D-12 Hi all, This Sho-Bud guitar belongs to a widow who wants to sell it. I'm just trying to help out, ans see if there is any interest in it, and the value and possible offers. Her husband bought it in 1974. It has 11 pedals & 4 knees. She also has an Emmons SM10 PP for sale. ...
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Subject Price Brand Price Found
GRECO MFK-90 1992's Made in Japan $817.00 - 6 hours ago
Vintage Accutronics spring reverb tank from Fender Deluxe Re $11.00 Emmons over 1 year ago
Arlington MCI RangeExpander $2,900.00 Fender over 1 year ago
Danny Gatton Blond Signature Custom Shop Tele $3,400.00 Peavey almost 2 years ago
Pickups, pedals & effects $25.00 Fender about 2 years ago
Virtually new 2008 Eastman Acoustic $1,200.00 Fender over 2 years ago
Fender Roland synth ready Strat $650 $650.00 Emmons over 2 years ago
Danny Gatton Tele $2,550.00 Fender over 2 years ago
Ernie Ball volume pedal $75 $75.00 Emmons about 3 years ago
Roland UA100G Sound Canvas $80.00 Emmons about 3 years ago
1965 Fender Jazzmaster $6,000.00 Peavey about 3 years ago
Jch D10 $3,600.00 Peavey about 3 years ago
GFI S10 Expo 2016 $1,600.00 MCI about 3 years ago
D10 red EMCI $2,500.00 MCI over 3 years ago
Speaker Cabinet 15" - Emmons over 3 years ago
Older Zum rods & 1 bellcrank $60.00 Zum over 3 years ago
Rare Honey Blond Danny Gatton Tele $3,500.00 MCI over 3 years ago
Effects Pedals $90.00 Fender almost 4 years ago
77 Emmons D10 PP $3,500.00 Sho-Bud almost 4 years ago
Emmons PP 8x5 $3250 to your door - Fender about 4 years ago
Eminence Quilter 15" NEO SPEAKER $150.00 Fender about 4 years ago
2 Accutronics reverb tanks $35.00 Fender about 4 years ago
Danelectro/Silvertone U-1 Dolphin nose $975.00 Fender about 4 years ago
1974 ShoBud D-12 $10.00 Sho-Bud over 4 years ago