Gen 2 SV650 Track Bike. One-of-a-kind SV 650 with TONS of racing upgrades.. Gorgeous bike.

about 2 months ago
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2nd Gen SV650 03 frame with 05 motor
clean title in my name
2006 GSXR 1000 front end
2003 GSXR 1000 Triple Tree
2006 GSXR 600 wheels front and rear
2012 Yamaha R6 brake calipers
Brake lever guard
Brembo 19 RCS master cylinder
Endurance Engineering (EE) Subframe
GPR stabilizer
Keyless ignition
Leo Vince SBK full exhaust
Motion Pro Throttle Kit
Penske triple clicker rear shock, revalved by Zoran at TWF
Pirelli Slicks with just at least 3 TD left on them
Spiegler steel braided brake lines
Vortex Triple clamp
Vortex rear sprocket 526A-46
Vortex clip-ons
Vortex Fairing Stay
Woodcraft Rear Sets
Woodcraft track body work with a Woodcraft Yamaha R6 tail (never crashed)
I am selling a super slick 2003 Gen 2 SV650 with a GSXR 1000 front end. What makes the bike unique is that while it has an SV650 upper and lower bodywork, I had Zoran (the legend from TWF) custom fit a Yamaha R6 tail to a very slick looking skeletonized EE subframe. I spent close to $1000 on the tail alone between the cost of the tail, the subframe, and having Zoran custom fit the whole thing before shipping it to me. All the bodywork is from Woodcraft (including the R6 tail) and was brand new when I bought it and has never ever been crashed. The bike has a clean title in my name and could, in theory, be turned street legal. Cosmetically, the bike looks beautiful in all black with some red highlights. There are a ton of racing mods done to the bike and she handles incredibly well and has bulletproof reliability. Ill admit, my focus on owning an SV650 that looks as beautiful as this bike and have as many racing mods as it has was probably to compensate for the fact that my riding ability was never quite what I wanted it to bei.e. I didnt beat the shit of out of it so it was taken very well care of. While you might only care about all the racing goodies that come on this bike, the truth is (IMHO) that you will likely never see another SV650 that looks as slick as this one.
Please note that the bike does not come with the XT Racing GPS lap timer that you see in the photos. That can be purchased separately for $200. I will say that the bike is already set up for use with the lap timer (see the cables that run from the lap timer into the bike) so the lap timer can capture a ton of metrics including speed, rpm, the position of the throttle at any moment, and a ton of other metrics in addition to splits and everything else.
The price of the bike is $4800 and the bike is located in Simi Valley, California.

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