Important and very rare 'Wyler Pump Automatic

over 2 years ago
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This is a unique example of an early automatic watch made by Wyler from my personal collection. The watch is unrestored and in my opinion, everything on the watch is genuine. If you know better than please let me know. The watch is running (although it is missing the pump,NOT the entire mechanism, only the little stick from the case), the dial is a gorgeous, two tone dial with a silver ring in the middle, it is just beautiful. (unrestored, not cleaned) the hands are also original ,blue tone hands. .I think that pictures are worth more than words so here they are. :
I will provide every possible evidence of ownership ( tagged picture, setting tme, etc)
Price is 600 USD, I think that it is a fair price for one of the first automatic watch ever made with this uncommon dial, and also, the watch is rectangular ! Serious collector will know what Im talking about.. I accept paypal paymet or bank wire transfer
Thanks for the space !
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