Canon 100mm f2.8L IS still for sale $675

over 4 years ago
FS: Canon 100mm f2.8L IS still for sale $675
Thomas Kachadurian
Available on
49686, MI, United States

I posted this about a month ago and thought I had a buyer, but he never showed so it's still available.
I am the original owner of this lens.
It is the sharpest lens you will ever own. It can be used as an all around lens as well as a Macro lens because it is internal focus so it doesn't get longer when you focus, and there's also a focus range limiter so it doesn't hunt when focusing.
The lens and barrel are spotless and just like new. The only sign of use you will see anywhere is on metal mount flange from taking it on and off the camera.
The date code is UX0800 if you are into that. I think I've had it about 5 years. In the case of this lens it's pretty lightly used because I don't shoot much macro.
View: original size
View: original size
View: original size
View: original size
I haven't used this lens in over a year so it's time for it to go.
I was going to take $675 so that's the new price, Shipped, including PayPal. I'll also accept returns, but you pay return shipping. I'll consider offers.
Feel free to call or text with questions 231-883-4325
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