Gitzo G1226 Tripod legs $125 (with a head $185)

over 4 years ago
Gitzo G1226 Tripod legs $125 (with a head $185)
Thomas Kachadurian
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Traverse City, MI, United States

I am the original owner of this tripod.
It has served me well for probably ten years, but I have too many tripods and haven't used this one in a few years.
If you've ever bought a regular tripod and found it less than stable, it's time to find out why a Gitzo tripod is the gold standard. This is rock solid. It's your chance to own a real professional tripod for less than a third of it's original price.
The only significant wear is on the model sticker.
The minimum height is about 15 inches and the maximum height is 60 inches.
The Legs are $125 shipped with paypal fees covered.
For $185 and I'll include a Manfrotto 3130 Video head or a Manfrotto 322-RC2 grip Ball head for photography. Both real, solid, professional tripod heads.
It's time to step up from a shaky, hard to use department store tripod.
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