93LE MSSS Stereo, Jeff Anderson NA6 Stereo, Clearwater Door and Headrest Speakers

10 months ago
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Charlotte, North Carolina

The demise of BRG #1463 means it's time to begin selling off parts that don't match its replacement - in this case, the ultimate NA factory audio system(s).
The MSSS stereo was acquired from a 1993 Limited Edition when I was very briefly toying with the idea of going with some Revlimiter brushed aluminum components. These stereos have fetched upward of $450 on ebay , but this one has two nicked up buttons, so I'll settle for $199.
The seller indicated the head unit worked when he removed it from his 93LE, but I never tried it - if the main unit doesn't function, I'll buy it back (no guarantees on CD or tape deck). Aside from the two nicked buttons it looks great with no scrapes/cracks/dings in the silver face - perfect for restoring the factory look for your LE or C-Package car.
Next up is my Jeff Anderson-restored stereo original to my BRG, fully redone just last July. I ordered the full package from him:Miata Radio Head Rest Service
Bass Control Range Increase
Replace all radio lamps w/LED lamps
Turn-on Fix w/o factory CD (permanently disables the non-functioning CD player)
Auxiliary Audio Input Addition
Extensive Corrective/Preventive Maintenance
Cassette Tape Deck Repair w/Belt Replacement
Jeff Anderson is THE absolute master - the difference before and after was amazing. My head unit had only seen 85k miles of a very sheltered life, so it's not sun-faded either.
I have zero desire to undercut Jeff's services, so I'm selling this for $199 as well, basically the full price of what I paid him. So you're not really getting a discount, just a bit faster delivery and a base unit that might be a little less tired/beat up than your OEM unit. I'll throw in the non-function OEM CD player as well for cosmetic purposes if you want it.
Next up are Clearwater door speakers and headrest speakers (which retail for $225 and $129 respectively). The door speakers came from a fellow m.netter; the headrest speakers were an amazing CL find new in the box. Both sets were also installed only last summer when I got the stereo redone. Price for briefly used and excellent condition is $149 (door pair) and $99 (headrest foursome).
This is the ultimate NA audio upgrade while retaining the cleanest possible factory appearance - I was very, very pleased with the upgrade and ticked I hadn't done it five years earlier. If you buy a full package - either head unit and all six speakers - I'll do a package deal of $399.
(photo to prove the headrest speakers were NIB less than a year ago - Jeff purchased the harness from me as I had no use for it, so if your seats aren't prewired, buy the inexpensive wiring set from him)