16x6" OEM 2013 NC3 Miata wheels for sale.

10 months ago
kylemorg 1
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I'll post some better pics of these after I pressure wash them. But I figured I'd put the listing up now in case anyone wanted a set of winter wheels.
I've got a set of four 16x6" NC3 5x114.3 bolt pattern silver rims with center caps from my 2013 NC3 Sport for sale. They're in fairly good condition after 43K miles. there are some scratches on them but they look good overall. Minimal curb rash. They ran straight and true, no structurally compromising damage, and no wobble or vibration while they were on my Miata.
The finish on the interior of the rim cylinders lead me to believe that they may have been plastidip coated coated at one point. But it is gone from the face of the rims.
They currently have Firehawk wide oval tires on them that have tread but are cracking / shot and need to be replaced. Those tires were on them when I bought the car this April. How they managed to put 2011 date code tires on a car that sold new in 2013 is a mystery to me.
Shipping is not worth it, IMO.
I went to 17" BBS wheels, and don't plan to ever need to switch back to these, which is why I am selling them.
I'll take $350 OBO.