A V8 hillclimb/time attack Miata? Meet Zombie Elvis.

11 months ago
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Flyin' Miata

Those who have been following Flyin' Miata for a while might remember Elvis. He first made an appearance in 2003 for the Car and Driver Superfour Challenge. He got a bored and stroked high compression 2.0. He got an LS1. He got an LS3. He's been around.*
But when we started development on the ND V8, Elvis was retired. His dismembered corpse sat around the FM shop for a little while, then FM employee Matt and his friend Brian decided to resurrect him. They had another name, but as soon as the car broke cover at our Summer Camp it immediately gained the name Zombie Elvis.
LS3 power. A faceplated T56. Custom valved AFCO shocks. Big gravel tires that don't even come close to fitting under the body. A huge wing. Mudflaps with mudflap girl on them. This is not a pseudo-rally or Gambler build, it's a full on competition car.
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I AGREEhttps://www.youtube.com/v/QhffQaxtvY0
And to celebrate Zombie Elvis' reveal to the world, we're offering a limited edition shirt! We did it up like a band shirt with the tour dates on the back, because I would totally go see Zombie Elvis play live. The shirt's only available to order for the next week and will ship in time for Hallowe'en. $19.99 shipped.
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