Carbon Miata Carbon Fiber Vented Hood - Santa Clarita, CA $800

5 months ago
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Hi all, through some mistake in shipping, Carbon Miata sent me a carbon fiber hood for an NC Miata (I own an ND). I worked with them to either send it back or forward it along to the rightful purchaser, but the cost of shipping to either one didn't justify itself. So Marc from Carbon Miata has asked me to try and sell it for him.
He is asking $800 and it will be for local pickup only. It's located in Santa Clarita, CA. All of the money is going to Carbon Miata (not me). The hood is as-is with no warranty (not from me or CF). I am just a middle man here and have no interest or stake in this other than it came to my house by mistake and I am trying to do them a favor by selling it locally.
Here is a picture of the hood:
If you have any questions, please post them here. Thanks.