Blackbird Fabworks RZ Rollbar NC Soft top

over 1 year ago
Blackbird Fabworks RZ Rollbar NC Soft top
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Atlanta, GA

Top of the line Blackbird Fabworks RZ roll bar for the NC Miata. I used this on a 2007 GT soft top.
It has the optional center bracket for the Bose rear speakers. It has a custom powder coat in Metallic Silver (color code GR06) to match the silver in the stock wheels.
I did a ton of research and this is by far the nicest roll bar on the market. It allows for full use of the factory soft top. It is the only top-friendly bar that is approved by the SCCA and NASA for track use because of its full x brace harness that attaches to the rear of the car. It is 4" taller than factory bar and has attachment bar for racing harnesses.
I purchased from Blackbird directly for $1550 in December 2017.
As you can see in the pictures, it has a small amount of wear and tear that occurred when installing the bar, but it is in excellent shape, especially in the parts visible when install is complete. I sold my NC and so this is a part out. Item is sold as is, with no warranty, with what is shown in the pictures.
The bar comes with the mounting plates and some of the nuts and bolts (and installation guide), but not all of the nuts/bolts/washers. Unless you are welding this straight onto the car, you will need to purchase some hardware. Instead of trying to piece it together, I recommend just asking Blackbird to sell you a hardware kit.
Free pickup in Atlanta. You pay shipping (FedEx) if I need to mail everything. Paypal only.
Album of all parts for sale: