2012 Golf TDI 2DR 6MT

7 months ago
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VW Vortex
Indianapolis, IN

Evening everyone, the time has come to sell the golf and move into something bigger (sportwagen maybe?). Everything works, I hunted for many months to find one this clean. This car has never missed a beat, and returns 40mpg average with mixed driving!
Car is completely stock, and has 20,000 miles of remaining fuel system warranty through VWoA (includes turbo, injectors, pump, etc.)
6 Speed MT
Professional Ceramic Tint on all windows including windshield (600$). Comes with a 10 year warranty if memory serves.
Oil changes every 5k with Pentosin super high performance 5W-30.
Only factory recommended hardware.
Air filters every 10k
Fuel filter every 20k
0 accidents/Clean Title
Factory wheels w/ all-season tires
Factory steelies w/ Blizzak WS80s (pictured) available separately
Mileage: 100k (will go up slightly as it is my current daily)
Asking: $8400
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Any questions just let me know! Happy to take additional photos etc.
Apologies in advance as the car is dirty in these photos. I am going to hand-wash it once I can find a warm enough day, and will update the photos accordingly