Carvin TS100 all tube stereo power amp

over 2 years ago
Carvin TS100 all tube stereo power amp
Tommy Boswell
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Virginia, USA

Selling my Carvin TS100 all tube power amp. As much as I like this amp, I don't play stereo, and I don't plan to build a rack system, so it needs to go. Otherwise I'd keep it, it sounds so fine!
50 watts per side, 100 watts bridged. It came with EL34 power tubes, but I switched to 6L6s for cleaner pedal steel sound.
The EL34s had a nice sizzle when driven, where the 6L6s are more silky smooth.
I will miss that silky tone, the kind that makes you just want to keep playing!
You can read about the amp here, at least for now (you all probably know Carvin is going out of business):
Asking $375 plus shipping for the amp with your choice of power tubes.
If you want the 6L6s (my favorite) it is ready to go.
If you want the original factory EL34s, I will install those and set the bias according to factory specs (instructions are in the owner's manual). If you want both sets of tubes add $50.
Also, if you want the rack case shown in the pictures, add $50 for that.
Paypal is OK if you cover the fees.
I will include owner's manual and schematic with the amp. Pictures don't show the metal top cover, I removed that for the gut shots.
Will of course ship it closed up and well-packed.
(Preamp and speaker cabinet in pictures are not for sale).