Moving Sale

over 1 year ago
Bill Ferguson
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Steel Guitar Forum
Norcross, GA USA

As part of our getting ready to move to Florida, I am going to have a huge inventory reduction sale on George L's and Goodrich products.
I can't advertise prices, but will tell you, that if you need something from either of these companies, now is the time to buy. Prices will never be this low again.
So for any George L's or Goodrich product that you are interested in, please send me an EMAIL request (I will not use Private Message)
Send email to: You Won't Be Sorry!
_________________AUTHORIZED GeorgeL's, Goodrich, Telonics, BJS and Peavey Dealer:
1993 Green Emmons D-10 LeGrande w/ Emmons 108 pickups, 2004 Mahogany Carter D-10 w/ Lawrence XR16 pickups, Goodrich OMNI or Telonics Volume Pedal, George L's Cable & Strings, Peavey Nashville 112 (New Model), Peavey Session 115 (#1) and a Telonics Combo 112

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