Nashville 112 with cover

over 1 year ago
Nashville 112 with cover
Terry Sneed
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I told my buddy Pete Walthall that I would sell
his musical equipment for him if anything were
to happen to him during his heart surgery. Sadly
It did. Pete passed away right before Christmas.
The funds will go to Shirley, Pete's wife. Here is
a list ..........
Nashville 112 with cover - $ 400
Proel 4 space rack case with stereo steel - $ 425
Walker pack seat - $150
Boss RCB 2 space rack case - $45
Emmons VP with Emmons pedal bar mount ( 1 pin)
Goodrich VP with 500 K pot . pot has slight scratch
Pete also has an Emmons Lashley Legrande blue
In color serial number 458L not sure what year
model that is. If anyone knows please let me know
One of Pete's friends has asked about the steel,
but if he don't want it I'll post the pictures on the
forum. Pictures coming of other stuff.