awesome 1964 Standel Custom 83L15V $2250

almost 2 years ago
Damir Besic
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Steel Guitar Forum

close mint 1964 Standel Custom 83L15V vintage pedal steel guitar amplifier in excellent condition and in good working order. A rare amp which Standel advertised as "Transistorized," this rare and complete model actually has an all tube power section with an additional 12AX7 and a solid state preamp. An early marriage of solid state and tube technologies (and many would argue one of the most effective and elegant), this amp is extremely robust and clear, with round crystalline clean tones thanks in part to the stock JBL D130F 15" speaker. Perfect for pedal steel and able to retain remarkable headroom at high volumes, the 83L15V has become a favorite of pedal steel players...
The amp is stocked with a pair of vintage and likely original RCA 6GT5 power tubes which still sound great, and the original JBL speaker has a nearly spotless gray frame. The tremolo module is intact, yet has been bypassed in the circuit (common with these epoxy covered modules) and the circuit otherwise functions exactly as intended. This amp is extremely hard to come by in any condition, let alone the cosmetically stunning and well kept example seen here which has particularly nice chrome, clean tolex and grill, and all of the original knobs...these amps are very rare, and hard to find, in this condition almost impossible...

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