MSA Pro-Am Sidekick Pedal Steel - $650

over 1 year ago
Tim Donaghy
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Steel Guitar Forum
Ventura, California, USA

This is a great entry-level MSA 10-string pedal steel set up with the E9 Nashville tuning with 3 pedals and 1 knee lever (which lowers the E strings to Eb). Recently looked over, cleaned, lubricated, set up and adjusted so it's ready to play.
It comes with its original case in great condition with key and bag for legs and rods.
Pearl-button tuners have a bit of play in them but hold tune well. Just tune the string below the note, bring it up to pitch and it'll stay solid.
Only flaw is shown in the pic of the corner where the wood-grain covering is a bit wrinkled but is solely cosmetic.
This is a great pedal steel guitar for those looking to get started and don't want to spend a fortune, or even just to keep it in the studio for simple steel tracks when you need them.
I'm selling to put the money towards a different guitar, but this one has served me well as I start my PSG journey.
Local pickup only, please. Ventura/Santa Barbara/Los Angeles area.
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