1983 Honda VF750S (V45 Sabre)

11 months ago
Atlas Honda
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Im the original owner of this, my trusty commute bike from 1983 to 1997.
I started working from home, and life got in the way of riding.
Clean title.
DMV status has been non-op since 1997.
Vanity plate KP BACK comes with it.
55,485 miles, virtually all freeway commute (Oakland to San Rafael, Greenbrae to San Rafael)
Never dropped
When new, I immediately flushed and replaced clutch and brake fluid with DOT 5 synthetic (things you learn if youve ever had a British car with aluminum brake components)
Saeng fairing added
Cyberlight (add-on brake light with intensity and flash speed varying with deceleration)
Horn relay and dual Fiamm horns (next best thing to air horns)
K&N foam air filter
Stock exhaust replaced with 4-into-1 with carb jet needles shimmed per the header mfrs specs
Seat recovered in leather
Small luggage rack
After a Norton Atlas (for fun) and CX500 (commute), this bike was truly a joy.
I did all regular maintenance, including oil changes, valve adjustments, etc.
Because its been sitting indoors for so long, it is definitely a project, but I think a worthwhile one.
This could easily become a real beauty on the road.
Includes factory shop manual, feeler gauges and angled wrench for valve adjustments, original toolkit, fiber-optic security cable, etc.
Asking $950