2014 Yamaha FZ-09

about 1 year ago
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Well the time has come to sell the FZ-09, I barely ride it and it just collecting dust in the garage.
Bike History-
Im the second owner of this FZ-09, I bought it with 1400 miles on it.
Currently has 54,747 miles, mostly all freeway commuting miles.
Its been down twice, both times at approximately 15 miles an hour.
The oil has been changed routinely with full synthetic VP 10-40.
I postponed doing the valve adjust for WAY to long and ended up burning up an exhaust valve.
I had all the exhaust valves replaced with all new valve seals for the exhaust and intake valves. The head was also sent to a machine shop to clean up the valve seats and make sure the head was perfectly level. At this time the head gasket was also replaced and the valves all adjusted to spec. Coolant flushed and brake fluid flushed. All work was done at Catalyst Reaction tuning in San Carlos.
I have put approximately 2k miles on the bike since the rebuild with no issues.
- Pro taper Carmichael bars, ground down on the right side from a low slide.
- Sargent seat, HUGE improvement over stock seat, which also comes with the bike.
- Oxford heated grips, right grip is ground down from low slide, still work perfect.
- LED headlight, nice and bright.
- Puig windscreen, suprisingly effective for its small size.
- XSR900 exhaust, no performance increase, its just black.
- Shogun frame sliders, installed after the low slides, so no damage.
- Modified left rear set to allow for GP shift
- FJ-09 stock rear shock, its significantly stiffer than the FZ shock.
- Black anodized fork tubes, got sick of the gold.
- Custom cartridge kit, using another right side cartridge installed in the left leg.
the fz09 has a dummy leg (spring only) in the left side.
Jim at Catalyst Reaction took a cartridge from another right fork, and rebuilt it to as a fully functioning compression cartridge.
as confusing as it sounds it works awesome.
The Bad-
Like I said above, the bike has been down twice, scratches on the clutch cover and stator cover, scuffs on the mirrors, the handle bar, grip, a throttle housing have damage as well.
Small dent in the tank and the emblem popped off.
everything is fully functional.
The front rim is slightly tweaked and has a scuff on the lip.
The paint on the gas tank has seen better days, caused from using a tank bag for so long.
The Good-
Its a awesome bike that looks fantastic, even with the little damage it has.
Fresh take off tires with two track days on them, still have a ton of life left.
Fresh top end motor refresh so it won't need any service work for a while.
Fresh Suspension Service with new seals and oil
Fresh spark plugs
fresh air K&N air filter
Fresh engine ice
Chain and sprockets only have 2k on them.
Asking 3,800 OBO
2% BARF Donation