Tre-Forza Race Slip-On systems for the MV Agusta 3x Cylinder models..

about 3 years ago
FS: Tre-Forza Race Slip-On systems for the MV Agusta 3x Cylinder models..
MV Agusta
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United Kingdom

For sale is a pair of Tre-Forza race slip-on systems for the MV Agusta 3x Cylinder models..
I was asked by a friend, who is also a forum member, if I could help him import one of these Tre-Forza systems into Europe, as he was struggling with the import duty costs
He desperately wanted one of these systems, but the shipping and import duties made it unaffordable.. As I know the supplier, we did a deal for 3 x Tre-Forza systems to keep the shipping costs down and now I have two here in the UK for sale
It made better economical sense to ship more than one system..
This sale is only for the UK, Europe or Australia, as you can buy these systems in the USA.. (from Balz at Moto Forza, one of our forum sponsors).
These Tre-Forza Slip On systems are for sale at a discount price to forums members for 995 each, plus shipping at actual cost.
I've only imported these extra 2 x Systems in the UK, so that MV owners this side of the Pond have a chance of getting hold of these systems.. Once they're gone, that's it... Shipping is too expensive and dealing with customs is a pain in the "You know where"..
Im somewhat fussy when it comes to aftermarket parts for bikes or cars, and I can honestly say with hand on heart, that the quality of these systems is superb and truly stunning.. If these where made here in the UK, using the same materials and method, you would be looking at 1200 each if not more..
The biggest aspect of the system is power gain over the stock OEM system with the chamber silencer mounted under the motorcycle ....
According to the manufacturer, Dyno results showed a 10HP ( which is approx 13% ) gain in the mid-range and a 5ft/bl torque gain in the same mid range ( which is a 10% torque gain in the middle of the power band) . This was tested on a stock Rivale 800 back to back against a stock system. Please see attached Dyno Results..
The complete system is manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel and TIG welded in a jig for a guaranteed precision fit.. Basically, this is a Plug & Play set up straight out of the packaging.
Weight is approx half of the OEM system at 5.5lbs compared to 10.5lbs from the factory..
If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email and Ill do my best to answer any queries.