2005 Ural Patrol 2WD

over 5 years ago
2005 Ural Patrol 2WD
Inner Nerd
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Bay Area Riders Forum
San Jose, CA

For sale is a 2005 Ural Patrol with 7886KM.
Service is fully up to date, and is in excellent mechanical condition.
Excellent compression, starts immediately even on a cold motor.
Has a lockable diff that turns the sidecar into a 2WD for offroading.
Tires in very good condition, with recently replaced tubes.
Some wear and tear on the paint, but nothing extraordinary.
The pictures speak for themselves, gets lots of attention everywhere it goes, and everyone wants to get a ride in it.
Dogs also love rides in the sidecar, and chicks dig that you ride around with a dog in the sidecar.
Comes with a few extras not shown:
Passenger/tub windscreen
Memphis shades windscreen (clamps onto handlebars)
Sidecar cover
Original Ural tire patch kit
Original Ural tire pressure gauge
Original Ural air pump
Original Ural tool kit
Extra oil filter
Owner's manual
Service manual
Extra gas cap
5 quart jug of Castrol GTX
Feel free to ask questions.
Just don't tell my dog you're looking to buy it, because it's his favorite thing in the world.
High res photos:
Asking $6000 OBO.

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