2012 Ural Gear Up 2WD Sidecar - Gobi Desert Camo

about 3 years ago
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Up for sale, is a 2012 Ural Gear Up, 2WD Gobi Desert Camo in excellent condition, never once having even a hint of a scratch, low miles and lots of extras. She has 3267 km on the odo, about 2030 mi. Bought new and always serviced at the dealer - Triquest Motorcycle and Sidecars. Give Ski a call at Triquest if you want its full mechanical history.
We used to have a Dachshund who rode with my 7-year-old daughter in the sidecar wherever we went. Sadly the dog passed away and we now have 2 giant Huskies who can't ride with us anymore.
It's a great family bike, lots of fun, a head turner and conversation starter. Even got hooked up with a sweet job because of a conversation that started out about the bike.
1. Linex coating in the interior of the sidecar
2. Linex coating on the underside of the sidecar > Check out Linex: http://www.linex.com/protective-coatings
3. Tank height reverse gear shifter kit
4. Dual tractor seats - 3 fully grown adults can have a blast
5. Seat belt for the sidecar passenger
6. Full sidecar windshield
7. Pleather sidecar passenger flap door
Asking $8700 firm. If you're interested, give me a call or text me at 530.828.1728 info to set up a test drive. The bike is at Triquest Motors, getting its usual servicing this week. Next week, it'll be back at its loving home in Half Moon Bay with a few more fun miles. Call me before summer ends!

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