Ural Trailer w/ Free 2006 Ural Gear-Up

about 3 years ago
Ural Trailer w/ Free 2006 Ural Gear-Up
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Ural Trailer w/ Free 2006 Ural Gear-Up!
For Sale $4750
What does the trailer come with?
Current registration & title in hand
Spare Tire
Loaded with spare parts for 2006 Gear-Up
Canvas tarp cover
Working brake lights
One 2006 Gear-Up Motorcycle included!
What about the included 2006 Gear-Up???
The Ural has 17.5KM on it
Registration is current with title in hand
Its own spare tire
Reverse & 2-wheel drive
A 20KM service was just done on it so all fluids are new; wheel bearings adjusted; new filters; etc.
Ural comes with ball and hitch, wiring harness for connecting trailer
A light patina of weathering
Sometimes difficult to find neutral; occasionally need to shift foot shifter from reverse/ neutral/ forward by hand
Medical box containing 50ml miniature of vodka and one small band aid
Spare gaskets, inner tubes, tool kit, tire spoons, replacement new sidecar seat, bulbs, jack, filters, etc etc.
What does it not come with?
It doesnt not come with the Ural; in other words, it doesnt come without the Ural.
The trailer is not being sold separately- they are sold as a set.
You wouldnt separate best friends from the SPCA when adopting new family members, would you?
Test drive without cash in hand
Lessons in how to pilot a sidecar
What do I need if interested?
A truck/ pickup/ U-Haul to take the trailer- the tires are old and are not roadworthy; Duro tires are fairly cheap.
Theres a lot of spare parts as well to lug home- you wouldnt want to have anything bounce out of the trailer, would you?
Basic maintenance/ troubleshooting skills.
A motorcycle license.
While you dont need Class M for 3-wheel vehicles in CA this vehicle does need someone with motorcycle ownership/ wrenching experience.
To email me at uralforsale@yahoo.com.
If you are really interested then preference given to those that include a short, concise essay on why they should own this trailer w/ Ural included combo.
Dont forget to include your name, phone number, and best contact times!
I won!
Ive been selected!
I can barely contain myself!
What happens next?
We set up a time to meet at a branch of my well known, very public bank.
You have brought $4750 in cash only.
We have the nice teller help facilitate the transaction- I deposit the money and then give you the titles.
We then go get the trailer, you load it up into the truck/ pickup/ U-Haul you made your friend drive so you can pilot your new-to-you Ural home.
While you all are loading the trailer, I complete the DMV paperwork on-line and cancel my insurance policy (sorry- got got by someone for parking tickets due to someone not taking care of their DMV responsibilities; once bitten and all that)
I then give you the keys to the Ural and the transaction is complete.
You are a Ural owner!
Yes, people will want to talk to you; children go absolutely ape-shit in the backseat of cars waving; folks will reminisce to you about their homeland; drivers will shout and point and ask What year is that??? and give you the thumbs up and every once in a while youll have to gently explain to the exceptionally stupid when they pull a Sergeant Schultz that its a Russian motorcycle and not Hogans Heroes.

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