Marathon GSAR Iraq Afghanistan issued - Collectible / Rare OFFERS

8 months ago
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FS: Marathon GSAR Iraq Afghanistan issued - Collectible / Rare without DoM (Date of Manufacture) and SN (Serial Number)
I am floating this out there for offers as I am not certain of the value of this one. Does the actual deployment of this watch put it on the collector level of a Benrus or Rolex Milsub ???
A letter from Marathon (see picture below) indicates that this watch is one of 200 watches that was sent to Iraq and Afghanistan to fulfill GSA's request for expedited and critical level C delivery.
If you do a search, you'll find a few posts on various forums regarding this topic.
On to the condition of the watch: The swiss ETA movement runs within specs.The lume, for being from 2005, still glows strong and actually much better than any other watch I've owned.The case has a few small scratches here and there and strap change marks.The bezel performs perfectly and there a few signs of wear on the insert but no major scratches or gashes.The sapphire crystal is flawless.
Overall, for having seen some sort of "action", it is in really great shape!
That said, if you're looking for a new watch, this isn't the GSAR for you.
If however you're wanting the "real deal", here is one fine example.OFFERS Welcome.
Please PM me here or email me directly at In closing, I'd like to thank the men and women of our military and first responders for their service, both past and present.
God bless the USA.​